The Reveal! Next Cuppa Tea with the Vet! Hannah Capon!


Hannah Capon joins Us for a Cuppa Tea with the Vet!

We are insanely excited to announce our next vet on Cuppa Tea with the vet! The Famous Hannah Capon!

This is the first of our nominated vets! Hannah was nominated by Jo Headley, of Sunninghill Veterinary Center when she was on 3 weeks ago.

About Hannah!

Hannah is huge in the world of veterinary. She has made her biggest mark by setting up Canine Arthritis Management (CAM). She is hugely passionate about arthritis care and believes its massively under diagnosed and under managed. There is so much that can be done and she wants to let the world know that!

When I say the world, I mean the world! She has travelled the globe lecturing and spreading the word. She has embraced technology and she has got arthritis experts from around the world to talk about interventions on her Facebook page. She is not letting this passion go and I think she will fight to get the disease the respect needs, until her dying breath is done!

Almost needless to say, this is how Hannah and I crossed paths. Mutual passion for Arthritis care and Chronic pain. Hannah has done so much education. Not only is she a vet, but also a Galan massage therapist and much more! She will share all of her story when she chats with us….I feel like I don’t want to add spoilers, but she also won vet of the year!

Join us at 7pm on Wednesday!

So be on our facebook page 7pm next Wednesday! 20th May! Ask all the questions your heart desires and get involved! We want to hear your questions!

You can also nominate a vet to join us in the future too! I will do my best to get your nomination on here!

Well done to the competition winner!

And not forgotten! Thank you to everyone who joined in our competition! We only had 3 correct guesses for the vet to join us, but lots of great guesses! Not sure how much Noel will have appreciated being guessed when the photo had blond hair! 🙂

Well done to our winner! Pulled out the hat by my daughter, it was Daniella McHahen! Well done!