Cuppa tea with the vet delivered us amazing cake!

This was an amazing treat! I feel like quite a celebrity!

My last cuppa tea with the vet show, was with the lovely Jo Headley of Sunninghill veterinary center.

Jo clearly has some amazing fans. One of them, Debbie, the bopping baker, very kindly offered to make Jo and I, a cake each!

I wasn’t going to hold her to it, but she insisted and well….I can’t refuse cake!

Debbie even delivered it on my birthday! A super lockdown treat!

The cake was super yum, so i had to share it! Thanks Debbie!

We had lots of fun chat and banter in our chat show. So come and join us tomorrow for my next cuppa tea with the vet, with Tanya Crawley, of vets4pets Swindon!

Tea, cake and the love of my life, Logan😍💚