Welcome to Lillie


Hello and welcome to Lillie. Oh wow, has she got a story! She has been through it!

Firstly though, we have to point out how amazing ger hair is! We are so jelous of the ability to french plate the yorkie fringe! Lillie loves her hair!

She has needed rehab as the poor little happy bean managed to fracture BOTH for elbows at the same time! Yorkies are so stoike and hide this type of thing too well.

She had surgery at Hamiltons who did an amazing job, and then she needed rehab for the best outcome.

She was quite sore to begin which is little wonder. But we started her on a gentle plan of mobilsation and light exxercises to rebuild her confidence. The plan evolved and built up as she progressed.

Gold star to mum, dad and Lillie as she has made great progress and is now nearly back to normal at only 7.5 weeks post op! She only has the tiniest stiffness on rising. All this and she is 10 years old.

Well done to everyone involved in her care plan. Keep up the good work! You are all superstars!