Welcome to Buddy


Hello and welcome to Buddy. Such a well behaved young labrador.

He had an accident in what you would think, was a safe place. He slipped on the patio amd managed to catch his leg causing a very deep lasseration.

He has to have a drain put in place and be stitched up and rested.

His mum and dad realised that they should fund out if physio can help recovery.

Well done them for asking! There is so much we can do, and in getting the perfect healing, we can ensure less scar tissue is formed and that they are back to full function quickly.

It was a very complicated wound though and got infected. Not unusual in a limb with a nasty wound.

So we gave an excellent home regime and taught mum and dad how to look after the limb with massage to help break down adhesions and encourage a more comfortable scar. As there had been the added complication of an infection, there was alot of scar tissue. So we have also been using ultrasound to encourage correct collagen allignment. We do see the Buddy is more comfortable in his stride after his ultrasound.

Well done mum, dad and Buddy. Keep up the good work! You’ll be back to full bounce in no time!