Welcome to Monty


Hello and welcome to Monty. This is a very sweet dog who has such loving caring parents. Monty really does come first in thier life.

He has clearly got a few skeletal issues as his posture is not ideal and he has a very undershot jaw. But he doesnt let anything get him down.

He was diagnosed with serious luxating patella and surgery was performed. He was doing well, but there was a clear issue a few weeks later. A revision surgery corrected the meniscus that had also become folded and damaged and the pin was removed.

His recovery was good, but his parents knew it could be better. There was a lot of muscle loss, which was understandable, but needs correcting.

So they have come for physiotherapy. We have set Monty and family, up with a home excercise regime. He is finding it a bit weird to get used to, but this is normal. No one likes change. But mum and dad are persisting and doing a wonderful job at the diary too, so we really know what is going on in the recovery.

Keep up the good work Monty, mum and dad!