Welcome to Tess


Hello and welcome to Tess. Such a dear little mini Dachund.

Sadly her back was an issue. She has actually been a highly sprightly little tyke, running and jumping all around the home. You would think that would have built up her core muscles well.

But sadly her disk buldged into her spine and caused injury. She was rushed to referal and a spinal disk extrusion was performed that night. She recovered really well, and now 5 weeks after surgery, her walking is fantastic.

But she remains weak in her hind so mum has brought her for physiotherapy. Her body is quite amazing. She has a huge amount of muscle bulk in her limbs, but comparitivly low muscle bulk in her back. Her neurololgical exam showed good coordination which is great, but there is a weakness in the hind limbs.

So there is lots we can do. We have set up a home regime that works on her stamina to slowly build her endurance strength. We are also working her core muscles so she uses her body better. And we have given an excercises to improve her proprioception as this will help the spinal cord heal better.

Keep up the good work mum and Tess. Its very tough in this heat, but take advantage of shady areas and use the house for the excercises too.