Welcome to Larry


Hello and welcome to Larry. Such a sweet german sheppard. And massive one too!

He has currently been crate rested following his hemilaminactomy. He is doing wonderfully well. This was not a straight foward disk disease as it took a while for the symptoms to come on enough for the vets to diagnose it. But he was suspected of disk disease and sent to a specialist. They very quickly did thier MRI and surgery. The procedure went well and he was sent home in 3 days.

He is now on his rehabilitation plan. He is 1 week post op and already gaining strength and trying to tell mum what to do! His size does make life a bit difficult. But everyone is doing brilliantly. He is already standing and walking abit too strongly!

We reassessed his home regime and updated it ready for this phase of recovery. It is so important plans are made for the individual patients needs. We have given mum some more massage techniques for his back and tight hamstrings. we have also given a weightshift excercise to work on strength, balance and proprioception.

Keep up the good work mum and Larry. We will see you again soon for your next update!