Welcome to Jasper


Hello and welcome to Jasper. We have never seen a red maincoon before! Beautiful! And such a darling cat.

He has got a very loving mum. He managed to fracture his femur. It was seen quickly by the referral vets. It was pinned. But sadly this failed and he had to have revision surgery. This was to have the femoral head and neck removed.

His highly vigilant mum came for physiotherapy to ensure the best recovery, as she was encouraged to do so by her vet. We are so pleased that vets are now embrassing the benefits of physiotherapy for animals as much as they do in the NHS for people.

We started jasper on a muscle building and flexability programe. He took to it very well and as a result, his recovery has been outstanding. Keep following and we will post a video of him having some of his massage. Cats love physio too!

Keep up the good work mum and Jasper!