Welcome to Bertie


Hello and welcome to Bertie. This very sweet Cockerpoo is only 4 months old abd already been through quite alot. His vigilant parents noticed there was the odd issue. Then the vets confirmed this. On x-ray they found sever hip dysplaia. One side had no hip socket at all.

So Bertie was referred to lumbry park. There he was given “toggles” in both hips. These are designed to keep the hips stable. The worst side failed quite quickly and a revision was done to remove the femoral head and neck (the top of the thigh bone) so that scar tissue can form a new false joint. Sadly it all tightened up quite quickly. So he was sent for physio.

We set mum and dad up with a gentle rehab program that encouraged him to put the limb down and relax and to start feeling confidence in it. It will take time for the physio to work, but mum said he was already walking on all 4 limbs the following day. Great news.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Bertie!