Welcome to Maverick

Hello and welcome to Marverick.

So sweet. He is a mix of staffordshire bull terrier and Akita! I’ve never seen such a small Akita. He is so sweet. 

But he has had problems with his back legs since his mum had him. He is a rescue. 

He had a luxating patella and ruptured criciate a few years ago and this got corrected surgically. He recovered well. But then the same has now occured on the other side. He does have a very upright hind confirmation so he does put a lot of strain on his cruiate ligaments. 

So he has now had his corrective surgery and with yet another new method of fixing a cruciate rupture. They were unable to fix the patella this time as it was so fixed in its luxated position. 

He has now come for his rehabillitation. He is doing really well. We have set mum up with some massage to help with the scar tissue so less adhesions are formed. We have also given gentle muscle building and a gentle excercise plan. He is doing well but it is clear that he is finding the recovery quite hard so we are giving him plenty of time to rest too and not pushing him too far too fast. 

Both mum and Maverick are doing great. Keep up the good work!