Welcome to Marley

Hello and welcome to Marley. This is a very sweet Rottweiler. I am very proud to say that he accepted me as my friend very well and it was great to offer him a kind experiance, as he doesnt like the vets and a muzzel is needed there. Its always so lovely when we can put our patients at ease. He laid down in a fully exposed position and clearly not a worry in the world.

This is an interesting case. He is 11 years young so no spring chicken. But just over a week ago, he went to the vets for a dental with no lameness. He came home fine. But was then lame the following day. The vets have been very thorough and there are several possibilities that range from a tumor to infection. His lameness was sudden onset and sever. 

He has come for physio so we are all working together as a team for the best possible outcome. On arrival he was very sore and only toe touching. So we would say 9/10 lame. He had his session, which did not show many issues, but he was highly relaxed by the massage and particularly on the right elbow. We set him up with a home regime and  this did include a weightloss diet. 

I am pleased to say that he walked out full of the joys of spring. He pulled his dad and had a little trot and was more like 7/10 lame. What a great result of our first session. Also showing how strong massage can be for pain relief and endorphine. 

Keep up the good work mum and dad and Marley. We’ll have him feeling better soon.