Welcome to Poppy



Hello and welcome to Poppy.This very beautiful girl is young, full of life and very spritly! 
But sadly she has been having trouble in her elbows. Mostly in her right side. Xrays showed sclerosis. There was minimal change in the left side thankfully.

So the vet has referred for physio. She is also likely to have an arthroscopy by a specialist. This means they will put a camera in her joint and use some access points to clear out any dead tissue in the joint that is causing pain. This is a great example of physio and vets working together for a multi modal approach to best care for the patient.

She is doing really well and we have set her up with a sensible home excercise regime. We need to gently rebuild lost muscle in the right fore. We will hear soon, about the specialists view and next steps.

Well done mum and Poppy. Keep up the good work!