Sam’s Progress



Well we had to share this lovely update on Sam’s progress.

Only last week we told you about Sam who came for physiotherapy for lameness of unknown cause. On exam we could see he had a very sore back. We did a treatment session and also taught the owner how to do home massage so he can be relieved daily.

The owner came back one week later for reassessment. What an improvement. The owner was over the moon. Sam went home and was instantly improved. His dad was an A star owner as he also did his home massage. And over the week he was able to see how much Sam loved his massage and often came to ask for it. Sam also let the other dog sleep with his head on his hips, which he would never have allowed in the last 6 months. He had also gained confidence and would walk past the other dog, which had also stopped. And finally he had also become his old vocal self and resumed singing to the world. 

His dad sent us some photos to share of him post home massge and enjoying some time with his other dog friend. 

We are so pleased that he is doing so well so fast and thank you for sending the pictures!