Dog and Bone – New stockist of the Puppy Massage DVD



Welcome to Dog and Bone – New Stockist of the Puppy Massage DVD

We are so pleased to have our second stockist on board. The Dog and Bone company have seen our DVD and think its so great, that they wanted to stock it of their customers too.

Dog and Bone are an educational company. They already sell several excellent

Dog and Bone
Dog and Bone

educational DVD’s for dog owners. They also provide courses for owners so that they have every opportunity to learn all they want to about their dogs needs. They cover training and calming. They have music, books, DVD’s and seminars. Their seminars are held in multiple locations in the UK so take a look and see what’s available. They also have a selection of leads, harnesses and other items.

Thank you for joining us Dog and Bone, and for helping to share the joy of dog massage.

The Puppy Massage DVD will make an excellent Christmas gift for any dog owner. Learn how to massage your dog in the comfort of your own home, from a highly experience animal physiotherapist, Donna Wills. Start them young and get life long benefits. Help your dog to become calm and confident.

Puppy Massage DVD - First Stockists
Puppy Massage DVD