Now there is proof cats help you feel better!



We are sure that any cat owner will know this already! But an interesting new study has been published on the MRCVSonline website, telling us how wonderful cats really are for their owners.

cat purring

It is widely accepted that pet ownership can have a positive effect on both physical and mental human health.

According to research carried out by health psychologist Dr June McNicholas, and commissioned by Cats Protection, our feline friends help us cope with many of the demands of everyday life.

Findings suggest that during January and February, cat owners experience 60 per cent fewer headaches than non-cat owners.

Just over a fifth of participants were found to be less likely to catch a cold or flu, and reported feeling significantly less miserable, impatient and tense than those without a feline companion.

Around half of the participants aged over 55 said their cat had helped them in a crisis, while 46 per cent said their pet helped them deal with bereavement.

Furthermore, over 80 per cent of children aged 13 and under said they would sometimes share their feelings with their cat rather than a friend or family member.

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