Tinkerbells story

Meet Tinkerbell ❤️. This is Tinkerbells story.

I wanted to share this story as it is one of hope and support to anyone out there who is worried about thier own loved ones….its a story of how we must look at the individual and how happy they are and not only the problems. 

Don’t get me wrong…this also goes both ways. Our loved ones must be happy first….

This is Tinkerbells story….on paper this little one just shouldn’t really be here. On paper she has collapsed wrists, and both stifles have cruciate ruptures. She is an orthopaedic disaster. She is also very old and the vet and I are supporting her as best we can.

We are thrilled to share that this is her at home…super excited and happy! When she has her physio sessions I ask how she is doing and the reply is usually something crazy like she ran and jumped over the step! We all look in surprise that she even wants to do this! Of course there are down days too, and we support those as well. Her mum has always been so honest about how she is and there have been tears. We actively encourage honest conversation so that we can support both owner and patient, but most importantly, it means we can get the plan right ✅️

Of course we work to manage her pain and she has a palliative care plan. We know that opting for palliative care actually enhance quality of life and longevity in humans, so we do this in our animals too. It supports them and keeps them happy. It is different to the rehabilitation plan where the goal is to recover. Our goal here is to support and keep pain free.

I think it’s clear the goal is achieved as she dances for her dinner!

I’m so thrilled this little one has such an awesome care team and all are looking at her individual soul and happiness button and not just her list of concerns ❤️

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