What Do You Love About Physio? With Viktoria Tsari

Viktoria was a great guest who we were lucky enough to have on as our final interviewee on series 4 of Cuppa Tea With the Vet. Her answer focusses on the interconnectivity of the body and how physio gives a drug free option for pain relief – perfect!

What Viktoria Loves About Physio:

So I’ll share a little story – it’s nothing special, it’s a bit creepy but I will explain! So when I started being a vet, one of the first surgeries I’ve done was a leg amputation. Not one of the best ones… well it is helpful in some cases but whatever: that was the one. It took me quite a few hours to start with, to do that but I was amazed because I really realised how connected and how the muscles, the bones, the tendons, everything in the animal’s body is connected. And how, when they cooperate, they really help an animal out. So, thinking about it, physio is a tool really using the animal’s own body, nothing more and nothing less. It’s amazing having something that doesn’t include drugs, which are not bad, they’re really important and alleviating pain is one of the most important things in veterinary medicine I believe and one of the first things. But really having something to support it or even in some cases work on it’s own, that’s really amazing in every way.

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