Tilly’s story and celebration!


Time to celebrate Tilly’s story and weightloss journey!

Tilly lost 5.2kg! 13.56% bodyweight! Tilly and her mum smashed it! I couldn’t be more proud.

Mum even said “when you told me she needed to loose that weight, I thought, no chance….but we have done it!”

Tilly is now able to enjoy the fact that she had the equivalent pain relief as taking her metecam, when she hit 6% loss, and then she pushed through and at 10% loss she doubled her quality of life! These are proven scientific facts that are just some of the reasons why weightloss is such a key goal when we have any mobility issues.

Tilly came for physio as she had quote a history. She horners, a mast cell tumour and a liver tumor. My area to deal with was that she had a previous cruciate repair. She was now starting to struggle and become weak.

She is a serious fighter though, as is her mum and dad! So she pulled through all the illness’. I started her in a plan for weightloss, cardio fitness and muscle building.

Mum had to work hard to make her follow her plan as Tilly wasn’t always the most compliant. They can be stubborn, especially when older. There was no giving up.

As a result, today we celebrate Tilly’s awesome massive achievement and mums, as it was strict team work! Mum and did will have many more Tilly cuddles as a result 🥳🥰