Do I do physio in my dog every day?

Do I do physio on my dog every day?

Someone spotted my amazing 10 year old, 3 legged dog, hooning across a field. They asked if I do physio on him every day.

the reality is, yes and no! it depends on what your view of physio is. So I decided to explain here on a video.

Physio is not the daily massage and exercises you might initially think of.

Physiotherapy is a management strategy. it evolves as the patient evolves. Its a tool to discover mobility issues when they are low level. You then adapt the management accordingly.

This might be massage, exercises therapy, electrotherapies, adding other professionals to the team, pharmaceuticals and much much more.

Most importantly, it’s all very personal and individual. The plan will be shaped by owner, vet, patient and any other people in the team.

So, for swagger, his main strategy is weight control, activity control, regular assessments, supplements, and cartrophen.

In time we will add to this plan, but for now, it’s perfect for him.