Welcome to Woody

Welcome to Woody

Hello and welcome to Woody! A very cute cocker poo!

This poor little one had ruptured the cruciate and needed the patella stabalised at the same time.

The surgery went really well and the rehab was going strong. We worked well as a team with the hydrotherapist and built the limb up well.

Towards the end we had a plateau in the muscle building. It has meant we have not yet got 100% of the way to full recovery. This is not that unusual. We of course strive for perfection in every case. In most, we will get there. But many factors contribute to how well the recovery will go. The body has been changed by the surgery and there has been an injury, so we do have to be realistic about our expectations and sometimes accept a slightly reduced range of movement in the joint. Arthritis is a real issue and can start to occur within just 72 hours of a cruciate rupture. Thwt is a scary fact!

Woody is now leading a full and normal life so as far as he is concerned its been a full recovery. We are all thrilled with that!

Well done mum and woody for all your hard work for rehab in lockdown!