What Do You Love About Physio? Chris Furley

Back in March 2021, Donna chatted to Chris Furley MRCVS of The Henley Mobile Vet Service. As per usual, he asked him what he loves about physio and he gave a great answer!

Physio is I think probably a forgotten skill, because I think particularly animals recovering from surgery: where they’ve had surgery on a limb or a back bone or something like that, they often will suffer from muscle atrophy and you know “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” And I’ve seen a  number of cases where animals have been off and had the most amazing bits of complex surgery and it’s all terribly wonderful when they come home, but 4 months later they’re still lame because they haven’t been told how to use that limb properly and they’re still hopping about. So I think physio, certainly in the experience I’ve had, it’s been useful helping animals recuperate and it’s also quite useful for animals that have arthritis: animals which have never had surgery but have arthritis and are in pain. It’s useful to have physio to generally try and ease that tense musculature down the spine and down the hip area and so on. And that helps just to make life more comfortable for them.

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