Cuppa Tea With the Vet Podcast S1 E4 Available on Spotify – Hannah Capon on CAM!

This week’s Cuppa Tea with the Vet was with the amazing Hannah Capon of CAM (Canine Arthritis Management). We know loads about CAM and still learnt loads more!

Cuppa Tea with the Vet - Hannah Capon!_Moment
Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Hannah Capon!

Listen to the show, learn about Hannah, her motivation and CAM. She has huge passion and wants to change the world when it come to arthritis for dog and cats!

Hannah has spent years interviewing people from around the world for their knowledge of arthritis care so it was great to give her the questions to answer! We had amazing audience interaction and they asked the questions they wanted the answers to!

If you want to catch them live, join her on her socials on our facebook and youtube channels or follow us on spotify. Thank you for joining us Tanya! And all our previous vets! See our Vlogs page to see all our videos and podcasts.

Enjoy the show! And if you want to nominate your vet to join Donna for an interview, then email [email protected] and we will do our best.