Welcome to Savvy

Welcome to Savvy

Hello and welcome to Savvy. Such a cutie. This happy little dog sadly ruptured her cruciate ligament slipping on ice.

So common and also, so many options for treatment!

This dog is a small dog and so can sometimes be managed conservetivly. It was decided that this one was better managed surgically. It is a tough decision to pick the path for recovery as each path has its own merit and warnings. Sometimes conservative management works, sometimes it doesnt. Either way arthritis is inevitable, but what we hope is that the path chosen will lead to the least arthritis.

Savvy had a lateral suture procedure and came to us after the surgery for rehab. Recovery was quite strong to begin but then there was a niggle and it just wouldnt finish healing as we would have expected.

It required Savvy to have the impant removed.

Savvy is now in recovery from implant removal. Its not unusual at all for impants to need removing after thay have done thier job. The body is a picky thing and is very partcular about what it will accept being in it. For Savvys body, implants were undesired.

Savvy and family are amazing super stars and doing all they need to for the best recovery. Keep up the good work! We will bee seeing you again soon for the next stage in the rehab!