Welcome Oscar

Welcome Oscar!

Hello and welcome to Oscar. This handsome man had our brains doing over time!

Rots are such loyal dogs that they can be insanely protective of thier family and not love anyone elses involvement. This makes them very loved and very lovable but can be a challange to treat! But we managed to fine a way.

Oscar had a massive history of problems starting with a sore stifle and moving onto serious gastric issues meaning he had to be opened up!

These things all seemed to resolve but then his leg got sore again. It seemed to be the same issue again so he came for physio. However, he was more reactive about his hip this time.

His mum was keen to try all she could avoiding anaesthetics to begin, as he had been through so much. But sadly he needed further investigation. We were able to make some progress but not enough.

This wonderful mans story turns into a sad one, but his mum wanted his handsome face shared for all to see. We can understand that! So hit the care emoji for the family and share some love for this handsome loving chap. We are so proud to be able to help all our patients in all the ways we can and we loved meeting this chap too xx