Donna as a Guest Speaker on Mahny Djanghuiri’s “Conversations With my Dog Podcast”

Donna was invited to speak to Mahny Djanghuiri, creator of “Conversations With My Dog”. This podcast brings dog lovers and specialists together to discuss the impact dogs have on our lives, including some tips and tricks from the world of “Doga” (yoga for you and your dog).

You can listen to the full interview here.

Mahny and Donna worked together when Donna was the physio at the Pet Spa at Harrods. They have both been amazed at the change in attitudes towards pet care in the last decade or so. Change can be slow, but practices such as physio and even dog grooming have become more mainstream in that time! Both have a passion for understanding animals through their behaviours and incorporating that into their respective work.

Mahny and Donna discussed their love of rescue dogs and their intentions going forwards. This is because both have older dogs who are thriving thanks to the love and care they have received in their lives.

Donna spoke about her thesis and the incredible power of PEMF therapy. She also gave tips on monitoring your pet to spot whether they may have arthritis and then spoke about her Puppy massage DVD and Online course for massaging your pet.

You can find out more about Doga and Mahny’s work here.