Cuppa Tea With The Vet! With Katy Slatford

Donna loved catching up with Katy Slatford, lead vet of Castle vets in Reading. It was bizarrely nostalgic as she used to be based at their practice before leaving on maternity 7 yrs ago.

Katy is a wonderful vet with a heart of gold. She cares deeply for her patients and clients and is also passionate and ambitious in her goals. She has been a part of the practice since a young teen. That shows massive dedication to the profession!

We learnt that Katy is an incredible artist and does pet portraits! Her nurses also spilled the beans and told us about her beanie baby addiction… well, everyone has weaknesses!

Another great interview!

Katy told Donna what she loves about physio:

I think the main thing for me is, because obviously I see the patients for their follow up checks in between so for me it’s seeing that improvement over time… you send off a patient that’s struggling and not quite right for a variety of reasons and you get your reports back and you see the progress they’re making on paper and then they come back in and the difference is incredible! And I think on top of the clinical improvement, one of the main things I like, is how you see the bond between the patient and their owner, because I think physio makes that bond stronger and they start to pick up and notice more things that they wouldn’t necessarily have noticed before. I think the homework they get from you as well is testament to that because it gets them going, it gets them excited and it gets them pushing forwards on the big picture and what they can do for their pets in all situations.  

Dr Katy Slatford BVSc MRCVS 

Katy is Senior Lead Veterinary Surgeon at Castle Vets Pet Healthcare Centre.

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