Cuppa Tea With the Vet becomes a Podcast!

We are keen that anyone who wants to access our shows can do so, so have therefore started converting past Cuppa Tea With The Vet interviews into podcast episodes (and hope to publish in podcast format all shows going forwards, once we’ve caught up with the backlog)!

Cuppa Tea with the vet is a fun show where you can get to know and love our vets! 

We only tend to see them when worried about our pets and then we think they are so busy, we can’t get to know them, but we want to so we can trust them with the care of our most precious family members! So Donna decided to start this series of interviews with vets so that we could learn about the human behind the uniform. 

Donna interviews all sorts of vets from all sorts of practices including some very famous faces! 

This first podcast was Donna’s first interview for Cuppa Tea with The Vet, where she spoke to Jenny Brown of Bracken Veterinary Centre.

If you want to catch them live, join her on her socials on our facebook and youtube channels or follow us on spotify.

Enjoy the show! And if you want to nominate your vet to join Donna for an interview, then email [email protected] and we will do our best.