Welcome to Coco

Welcome to Coco

Hello and welcome to Coco. She is such a sweet little terrier with quite a story. Her and her sister were rehomed at 7yrs old due to owner illness. But they have landed on thier feet with an amazing new family.

Life was all good until the dog walker started to notice some slight lameness and some aggression started to occur between the sisters.

The dog walker suggested physio. We were thrilled as it was just what was needed! We got the referral and after just 1 session there was already improvement.

We now have a happy comfy dog enjoying life. So much so that mum brought in the other dog too! More about her story to come.

Well done mum and Coco and dog walker for being such a great team in identifying the problem, seeking help, and following the home plan! The success of physio lays on the owners ability to carry it out at home too, so it really is a team effort!