Welcome to Nell

Welcome Nell

Hello and welcome to Nell. You will have seen the rescent post about Coco. This is Coco’s sister.

After having such a wonderful effect on Coco, mum decided we must work on Nell!

We are thrilled to report that there were less issues to find on Nell and so she has responded to treatment very quickly and is sound again.

She is now already on a session only alternate months. This is for monitoring and maintenance. So if we can spread the sessions more, we will. The key is to not leave it long enough for the symptoms to resume.

Mum has a plan to work on at home between sessions. This keeps our effect going.

We are thrilled with the progress. Well done mum, Nell and Coco! And to the dog walker, Anita, who suggested physio, as its been far nicer then the medication mum thought might be needed. We all know meds are an important part of the care plan when needed. But the key is to leave them until they are needed and do all the other intervention first and delay thier use.