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  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is choice

    Pain is inevitable, suffering is choice

    Quote of the month: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is choice” I don’t know who wrote this but its so true! At first this might come across as heartless, but actually it’s fabulously motivating! We can’t help but feel pain, but once it’s here, it’s then what we do with it that will end the suffering!…

  • Welcome to simba

    Welcome to simba

    Hello and welcome to Simba. Such a cute dog.  Mum is so hot on trying to find the answers for her dog. Poor simba has some anxiety and behaviour worries so she has a behaviourist. 80% of behaviour issues are though to be pain related so the behaviourist rightly suggested further investigation.  She was checked…

  • Huge Pain reduction for Nora!

    I am thrilled to share this story about Nora and her huge pain reduction! Meet nora! She is a sharpei who has severe arthritis. She has had this managed well by the vets for a time, but her mum felt she needed more help. The delay for statting ohysionwas due to her not being the…

  • National Pain Awareness Month – Acute vs. Chronic pain



    September is National Pain awareness month. Follow Donna as she shares her info and tips on pain. Today is acute vs. chronic pain. #animalphysiotherapyltd #painawareness #pain #chronicpain #acutepain #physio #vetrehabbers

  • Welcome to Bug

    Hello and welcome to Bug. You might remember the name and some of the posts, though possibly not recognise the photo with no muzzel! Big has had a few videos shared but not yet had his story and welcome shared. Big can with “possible neck area pain”. The vets hadn’t been able to get that…

  • Welcome to Coco

    Hello and welcome to Coco. She is such a sweet little terrier with quite a story. Her and her sister were rehomed at 7yrs old due to owner illness. But they have landed on thier feet with an amazing new family. Life was all good until the dog walker started to notice some slight lameness…

  • Michele Broadhurst discussed her book with Donna



    We had an amazing time talking about Dr Michele Broadhursts new book. In the last month she released her book, A clinicians guide to Myofascial pain in the Canine patient. At Animal physiotherapy Ltd, we pride ourselves on being on top of the science and new information, so this was great! Interestingly, there is nothing…

  • September is Animal Pain Awareness month



    September is Pet Pain awareness month! We will keep vloging and sharing pain tips for the month so stay tuned!

  • Watch “Chronic pain. Its a journey” on YouTube

    This weeks vlog was our thoughts on chronic pain. Its nasty, but it does vary and every day is not the same. So try to find the good in everyday. Let your dogs tale time sniffing the bushes, have doggy play dates, or anything else that keeps them happy.

  • Welcome to Arrow

    Hello and welcome to Arrow. This beautiful Springer has the vets on thier toes! He has been lame and the vet found a possible corn and some myofascial pain. So he has been referred to help with the pain and lameness. He has got some very science headed owners so this has been a very…