Welcome to Bug

Welcome to Bug

Hello and welcome to Bug. You might remember the name and some of the posts, though possibly not recognise the photo with no muzzel!

Big has had a few videos shared but not yet had his story and welcome shared.

Big can with “possible neck area pain”. The vets hadn’t been able to get that close with him as he has been through alot in life and lost trust.

It is very hard as the vets, so we are proud to provide a setting that is more calm and homely for the patients. The end result is a far happier patient and far more success!

Bug didnt give alot away, but did show signs of extra relaxation on neck massage. Once we worked on this area, mum also noticed great change in his happiness at home!

We are thrilled to have had such a huge impact on this dogs life. Bug now comes for maintenance once a month so that we dont loose his new found comfort.

Well done mum and Bug!