Welcome Tinkerbell

Hello and welcome to Tinkerbell. She is such a cute and loved cat.

But cats will be cats and some do try to fight with cars….so sad. She was hit by a car. Her pelvis was fractured but she was strong and made it home thankfully.

She was rushed off and found to have a seriously fractured pelvis. Some was plated and some had to be left to heal on its own.

Healing in its own is not unusual and its done more and more in the NHS too. But rehab is part of this plan.

We started her in a very gentle mobilisation plan. It was going really well. The better she got, the less keen she got for physio which was interesting! But she did well.

Sadly there has been a complication where she has had some nerve involvement. Its very hard to interpret the nerve factor. She flicks her paw and this could be a sign of pain, but it could also be other confusing sensations.

She remains in pain relief for now and she is getting far more active and keen to get out. This has been difficult for mum and dad as they need her to stay calm for a little longer!

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Tinkerbell!