Welcome to Kreed

Welcome Kreed

Hello and welcome to Kreed. A beautiful soul. So lovely in nature. But sadly these frenchies have more than thier fair share of problems.

Kreed as the worst hip dysplasia we have ever seen. Yet he is full of beans and happy! Phew!

He is too young to have hip replacement surgery. Normally we are the first to suggest avoiding surgery and many vets now don’t race to the knife for hips either. But Kreed has been told it will be needed.

Our job is to grow and maintain muscle and do our best until he is old enough for surgery.

Sadly he missed the time frame for JPS which can only be done before 4 months. There, the pelvis has early surgery that changes how it grows, so as the pup grows the hips cup the leg bones better. This can be very successful, but if there is not enough growing lef to be done, it won’t work.

When we first started with Kreed his hips were luxating on almost all strides. We could feel them popping out and up in every stride. It wasnt pleasant for us, but he was amazing and played anyway.

We set a plan building muscle up. So far we have had some effect and we are making positive changes, but there is some way to go.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Kreed!