Welcome to Horatio

Welcome Horatio

Hello and welcome to Horatio. He is not as worried as he looks in the photo! Bless him!

Another gold star owner. Horatio has been struggeling with Arthritis. His mum took him for LASER and it was having good effect, but they felt he needed something more. This is a wonderful case that shows how you do need a mix of therapies for the best arthritis treatment.

Horatio started on physio. They followed the plan and he is doing really well.

We also started LOAD scoring our patients. This is a validated survey. That means no one can argue the results! This is evidence based practice at its best.

So we gave out the survey. A follow up was sent out 12 weeks later, and Horatio’s score had reduced by 4 points and come down a whole catagory! All whilst the weather was getting worse too!

Well done to the whole family. Horatios care has been a real team effort and he’s doing really well. Keep up the good work!