Welcome to Snoop

Hello and welcome to Snoop!

This one gets right under your skin. Such a heart of gold!

His mum had a behaviourist who felt something wasn’t quite right and felt that the behaviour progress was limited by discomfort.

This is something we hear often so was no real suprised. Mum was super nervous to go to the vets as she worried that Snoops worries. This is another common concern.

As the vet had no history of the issue, a vet check was needed so we could get the referral. Her vet was super kind and caring and all the worry was for nothing.

However, nothing was found so he was sent to us for physio.

We love working as a team with the vets. We are a second set of eyes and always write reports back to our trusting vets.

On assessment we did find a luxating patella which is not unusual in this breed. But it wasn’t too bad. We also found some back discomfort.

We set a home excercise regime and gave mum a plan to follow at home.

Are thrilled to report, we got on top of the issues very quickly and Snoop is now super comfy and super happy. He now just returns for mantenance sessions once a month so that he doesn’t slip backwards.

Well done mum and Snoop!