Next Cuppa Tea with the Vet! Vicky Phillips!


Victoria Phillips
Victoria Phillips

We are thrilled to announce our next Cuppa Tea with the Vet will be with the lovely Victoria Phillips MRCVS!

She is so awesome. This GP vet is a real traveller and I think needs a high amount of praise for her time spent with SPANA. SPANA is a charity that helps working animals globally. Vicky has mostly worked with the donkeys. I look forward to learning more about it!

Victoria has most recently become a clinical coach to help guide fellow vets who need some help deciding their career path!

If you are thinking you recognise the face, you may well! She was also a well loved vet at Forest House Veterinary Group in Windsor.

So join us at 7pm on next Wednesday, 8th July! Join us live on our Facebook page and ask questions! This is your chance to find out the thing you want to know about our lovely vets!

Did you know we also have a youtube Channel? You can join us live there too!