Welcome to Harvey


Hello and welcome to Harvey. Such a cute, and massive labrador!

He is young but already has quite a story!

He suffered spinal disk disease a few years ago. He had surgery and it recovered. But he was left with a limp in a hind leg. His parents thought this was just part of the neurological problem and didnt worry too much as it wasn’t effecting him greatly. This was a fair assumption as timing will have looked that way.

But in examination it was clear there was more to it. It looked far more like no neurological issue and actually hip dysplasia.

Its easy to see how this can happen. Hip dysplasia will be hidden whilst a dog has good muscle bulk. During the time he was not moving with the disk disease, he will have lost alot of muscle. So by the time he was moving again, the limp will have been present. Without the right rehab plan for the hip, he hasn’t relearnt to use the leg properly.

Its all good now as we have made aa home regime. These amazing owners are so diligent and brilliant at following the plan. He is making a great recovery and continuing to enjoy life.

Keep up the good work Harvey and family!