Welcome to Murphy

Welcome to Murphy

Hello and welcome to Murphy. Such a handsome man! He really is possibly the biggest doberman we have ever seen!

Sadly arthritis has got to him. He has been managed for a time with pain medications. Mum and dad felt they wanted to do more, which we are always thrilled to hear. There is so much more that can be done!

So he has come for his assessment. We have got him on a rehome to reduce discomfort and build muscle and much more.

He us doing really well and they are all noticing the benefits.

Its always a real shock when you feel like you wake up one day and your dog, or any animal, seems old. The reality is that they have been getting that way gradually, but the change is so subtle, we often don’t see it. Its understandable….we often won’t notice our own weight gain until the trousers no longer fit. That seems like a cruel suprise too!

So its a good idea to get a mobility assessment done. If we fine nothing then you can have peace of mind. If we do find something then we can set about empowering you to keep it at bay for longer and possibly avoid getting to the really hard stages.

Remember, you can always call us if you have questions or niggles in your mind and are not sure. We are happy to listen.

Well done mum, dad and Murphy! Keep up the good work!