Hear Dizzy’s story about her physio journey and success!



Dizzy’s response: she is so much happier in herself!

Kims quote from the interview!

Meet Kim. Hear her story about her dogs struggle with mobility. Dizzy was effected with hip dysplasia from a young age. She has a failed surgery which resulted in her hip joint being removed. She later became severely arthritic in her other hip.

10 months ago her issues became so severe and she was on all possible medication, that Kim was told euthanasia should be considered as the kindest option.

Kim opted for physio to see if it would help.

Here, she is sharing the story of how physio has managed to reduce her medications and give her 10 months happy life and turned everything around. She is one happy dog with so much more time to enjoy!

Thank you for sharing your story Kim!

We do it for ourselves so why wouldn’t we do it for our animals”

Kims comments through the interview
Interview with Kim, an actual owner who has been through the physio with her dog.