Welcome to Peter


Hello and welcome to Peter. Such a happy loving cat. He is an old man though. But so happy and loving. He comes in to his session and loves a face rub and purrs his socks off!

He has been blind all his life which is quite a thing to adapt to in itself. But its never got him down.

In september he was suddenly rendered paralysed. Mum shot him off to the vets and he was diagnosed with a spinal blood clot. He made some improvement as time passed, but he did loose alot of muscle and remains weak.

His mum has now decided to get some extra help and is seeing us for physio. Peter is certainly happy to have his massages!

We have set him up with a home regime to work on his muscle comfort, circulation and strengthening. We also work on getting his nerves firing again.

This will be a long process for him. But whilst he continues to be a happy little fighter, then we will continue to support both him and mum and keep him comfy and happy.

Keep up the good work mum and Peter!