Welcome to Benji


Hello and welcome to Benji. Such a cute young mini poodle. He has a heart of gold!

His mum took him to the vet for a routine check up and they diagnosed a luxating patella. Mum had noticed the odd “skip” but hadn’t really thought much of it. He was remaining a crazy happy puppy!

However, as time went on this skip increased in frequecy so she decided to get some physio to help.

Patella luxation is quite common. The knee cap slips out of place. Often the sign you see is a dog trotting along than holding one hind leg up for a stride and then carrying on. This is the dog putting it back in place. Its more common in small breeds like jack russels. Its commonly not painful but can be a problem later in life. Its varies in severity and can be complicated to resolve. More serious levels of the disease require surgery to correct.

For us, we have set a home regime that includes muscle building, ice packing and regular short walks.

Benji is doing well and so far the frequency of the skip has reduced already!

Keep up the good work mum and Benji!