welcome to Chester


Hello and welcome to chester. This is the third and final dog from the same family. Mum knows its better to get them all a good check over and find things early!

Mum has been taking her family to hydrotherapy for a while and one session, they noticed one of the legs had a bit less muscle. They weren’t worried bur suggested a check with a physio was a good safe idea.

Chester came for the assessment and whilst we did note the small reduction in muscle bulk on one side, there was not anything else to worry about at this stage.

Many things can cause an imbalance and we don’t dismiss it. But sometimes its a beneign issue and sometimes its more.

We set a regime to rebuild the muscle. Its is quite normal to have some variatuon in muscle bulk.

We will monitor Chester and therefore see any deterioration. Seeing him early means we can track gow the potential issue has progressed.

Keep up the good work mum and Chester!