Welcome to Baloo


Hello and welcome to Baloo. Such a sweet labrador. He is a biggun!

Sadly he ruptured his cruciate ligament. His mum decided to opt for conservative management. This is very difficult in any dog over 15kg, but as he was not totally lame and had improved by himself over a week, we thought it was well worth a try.

We set mum up with a home regime of muscle building and confidence building. We used ultrasound as its the best modality for ligament repair.

So far Baloo is doing wonderfully. It is likely he will have limitations as its likely he has arthritis in the joint. This can start to occure within just 3 days of a cruciate rupture so is fairly unavoidable. But he is now very comfortable and we will keep making adjustments to his program as he progresses.

Keep up thr good work mum and Baloo!