Welcome to Poochie


Hello and welcome to Poochie. Such a happy little jack russel. She has been through alot though.

In her mid-life she had a herniated spinal disk and surgery was performed. She made a full and strong recovery and had no further issues for many years. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Poochie became paralysed again.

She saw the referral specialist who concluded that she had scar tissue around the spinal chord and fluid had built up within this which was conpressing the spine. Options were to do physio and see if it would resolve with time, or surgery that was not very likely to resolve the issue, or a wheelchair.

Mum made a great plan and decided to try the physio and then if it didn’t resolve, she opted for a wheel chair unless Poochie seemed depressed. As her age was against her the surgery was risky for no real strong liklihood of recovery.

We started the physio. Poochie had strong intention tremors which made standing hard but possible. Oddly these do help provide vibration which can be useful in rehab. Over 8 weeks, poochie made slow progress and was able to stand for longer, but no real progress to walk and there was little evidence to suggest that an adequate ambulation would develope. So we opted for the wheelchair and to create a good management program that will promote and happy comfortable life with the use of the chair.

We gave excercises that will still need to be done daily, but these are achievable. The chair arrived and was an excellent fit. She is still getting used to it, but this will improve as she gets used to it.

Poochie remains happy and we are very proud of her and mum. Keep up the good work!