Welcome to Polly


Hello and welcome to Polly. Such a sweet cat. She sadly managed to damage her front limb and it was paralysed.

It’s known as a brachial plexus avultion and is something we do see frequently. Cats can get this from catching thier leg when they jump out of a tree or being hit by a car or such like.

Some cases are amazing and can regain full use of the limb. But some are more severe and don’t recover, meaning amputation is the only option.

So in order to give the limb the best chance, physiotherapy is essential. We can look after the limb during its healing. We help maintain circulation, muscle bulk, ligament strength and stop the contracture that occurs if it is left without any help.

We are so pleased to report that Polly had a short recovery time of only a few weeks. Sadly we didnt get a video when she first came in, but you can see her amazing walk below, with only a tiny limp seen. This limp was totally resolved by the end of our treatment time.

Well done polly, mum and dad! Its takes amazing dedication to get patients through paralysis or pareisis.