Welcome to Boo


Hello and welcome to Boo. Oh such a cute jack russel with such lovely parents.

He has had a happy life. Then he suddenly became very ill and vestibular syndrom was diagnosed. This is a nasty illness with unknown causes. It effects the inner ear. It makes the dogs eye track side to side (nystagmus), causes a severe head tilt, nausea and sometimes vomiting. Some dogs can be so severe that they roll over and over. Luckily it was not quite so bad for Boo, but it was bad enough. His recovery was quite quick thankfully. And whilst most of the symptoms have resolved, he has been left with an aweful head tilt.

Dogs are incredible and able to cope and get used to life on the wonk. But its not nice for thier muscles. The body does compensate, but there is over use of the leg you lean on to and the balance is a struggle.

So physio can help. We have done our assessment and set a home excercise regime. This includes home massage and a series of excercises designed to promote balance. Luckily for him, his mum is a massage therapist. Lucky boy. We are also pleased to report, this os one of the few dogs I get to see at his age with no arthritis signs. Amazing!

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Boo. We’ll have you feeling better soon!