Welcome to Vida

Hello and welcome to Vida.

Sweet little border collie. She has been referred for lameness in her right hind limb. She saw a vet first to start the investigation. But the vet is also unsure what is going on. So she has been sent to us to see if we could find some more information and make her feel better in a non invasive way. 

On our exam we did find a few issues. So we have set up a home regime that will allow healing and shown mum how to do some home masage to also promote healing. This may well be a soft tissue injury. Dogs can certainly heal from these on thier own, but correct physiotherapy will help the healing be more focused and so get the desired end result quicker. In time we will do a return to work/daily life program and get her fully back to her old self. 

Keep up the good work mum and Vida.