Welcome to Fudge

Hello and welcome to Fudge. What a sweet little pea. 

Fudge has been well cared for and loved and has had more than his fair share of medical problems. He has spent many years with syringiomeglia, which has been well managed. 

But the wobbles in the body have meant there has been a serious over use of one fore limb and the toes are really paying the price. He is now having lots of therapies to help with his arthritis, and we are one of them. 

He is coping so well, but he is sore. So we have given his mum a more managable home regime so that he does do excercise, but in bite sized chunks. We have also shown them how to do digit manipulatiin to keep the paw more comfortable and a weightshift so that he knows he can still use the limb he has lost faith in. 

Keep up the good work mum and Fudge. He will be feeling better soon.