Love to all our missed souls

I want to raise a glass this winter and send love to all our missed souls. 

It is always sad when a loved one passes. In this profession we often treat older pets. I dont tend to mention individuals who have passed as its a sad time for the family and its a private and personal time. 

But I wanted to do a toast to all my passed and missed patients. I get very attached to my patients. I spend so much time with them and build real relasionships. I love learning thier individual quirks and seeing how each one is special in thier own unique way. 

Winter is a tough time of year on our bodies, for both people and pets. 

So to all my lovely passed patients. I miss you all, and I am so pleased to have been a part of your lives. You are missed by many.

Love to our missed souls.
Love to our missed souls.