More about our Discover Dogs day and T.V. interview 

We really did have a fantastic time at Discover Dogs at the excel in London. We have been going through the photos and it was lovely to relive it. It was so hectic, thats things happened before you even had time to think. 

Like being interviewed for T.V. We are no stramger to this process but it was very unexpected! We hope to recieve the link to the show soon. But its a popular online show called “why should I give a s***t”. So the interviewer goes to various places to find out why he should care about things. It was highly umexpected to be asked a question like that at a dog show! So that was weird and it made us conclude how strange we find it when someone doesnt like dogs! Its like an underground world we just dont mix with! So strange. But we can’t deny, he was a lovely man with a lovely T.V. crew. 

There were crowds of people at our stand watching the demo and the t.v. interview and showing great interest! We were highly unique. 

We were glad to get our evening fresh air on a bridge over the Thames. That was much needed time out. 

We certainly hope to see everyone again there next year. We had a wonderful spot next to the southern lurcher rescue, who worked so hard to fund raise. Such a lovely happy team! And we were opposite Iams and next to wags & weddings. They all made for a happy weekend! 

Thank you everyone! 

T.v. interview at discover dogs
T.v. interview at discover dogs